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CT Rams - Game UPDATE + Other Info
by posted 09/20/2019

Parents – We are looking forward to tomorrow’s first fall game. While watching, please keep in mind that fall softball is all about development, not only winning!

Please arrive to the field no later than 10:30am tomorrow to Newtown High School which is located at 12 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Please ensure the girls come wearing all black softball pants.  Our jerseys are scheduled to be available today, and as such will be provided at the game. Since the team was formed later in the summer, many things had to happen quickly (including jersey orders etc).

We won’t have matching socks distributed... but I am thinking / hoping most of us should have some sort of a red softball sock to wear. If you do not have any, please let me know.

Team Manager: I’ve set each of you up with Dicks Team Manager access. This software contains GameChanger (to watch games live) as well as team management features that we will be using going forward. You should be receiving a link in your email box. Please confirm the account, update your information with your cell phone number etc as we plan to use this to communicate with the team for game day changes, updates, rainouts etc.

Lastly a few non-playing save the date reminders:

Friday – 9/27 Team Bonding (town scavenger hunt followed by pizza. Amy Werner and Sue DelCarmine will be reaching out).

Friday 10/4 – Team Bonding / Scarecrow decorating and parents social @ the Kittredges (details coming soon)

Sunday 10/13 – Travel Softball Fundraiser à Coach and helper guest bartenders at South End, come support our team and our program (proceeds will help offset other expenses throughout the year, Details coming soon)

I’m sure I am missing some other things… but this is it for now!  😊

Email me with any questions.




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CT Rams UPDATE Sept 15, 2019 - IMPORTANT
by posted 09/15/2019

Hi Parents – I am overdue with a very detailed (and long) email regarding our plans for the season. I apologize for the email length.. but there are clearly many important details needed to be covered.

  • Practice Update
    • We are working to swap some things around and move our Thursday evening practices from Water Tower to Orchard Field. Until the lights are installed at Water Tower, we are very limited and are sharing fields with the town Rec teams as well as the 5 other travel teams. I should be able to confirm the change early this week.
  • Team Bonding
    • We are planning 2 team “bonding events” over the next few weeks:
      • Town scavenger hunt followed by a team pizza dinner
        • Save the date: Friday September 27th
        • Estimated time: 4:30pm – 7pm
        • We are looking for help with this event… please consider volunteering. Reach out to me ASAP if you’re interested in helping out.
      • Scarecrow decorating
        • My 12U team did this last year and they had a great time creating a softball themed scarecrow to be hung on light poles in downtown New Canaan.
        • Save the date: Friday October 4th
        • Estimate time: Evening (TBD)
        • The Kittredges have been kind enough to host this event and are also planning to have a parent social the same evening. Details to follow.
  • Skills
    • Players need to be working on skills outside of practices. They can do this on their own/with a parent. For an additional cost they can attend private, semi-private, or small group instruction with our in-house instructors, Rita, Kara, or with other local facilities/instructors (I have a list if needed). Practices will never be as efficient at improving player skills as individual/small group sessions. These are a must for travel players.
    • We’ve been building a video collection of great instructional videos. I highly recommend taking a look at these with your daughter and trying some of the suggestions and drills:
  • Parent Volunteers Needed
    • Team Building (need volunteer: organize and communicate team gatherings off the field, ie; ice cream after a game, pizza night, bowling, sleepover etc. Team bonding is an essential element to a productive and successful team, please consider lending a hand in this important area) – Need volunteer(s)
    • Tournament Logistics & Planning (sit down / communicate with me (Nick) to work out the details of tournaments in terms of lodging, trip planning, what the team needs, who is bringing what etc – This role is filled
    • Sign-up Genius (work with Nick & others to organize a list of needs for tournaments, double-headers etc, have parents sign up to bring supplies). - Need volunteer
    • Game Changer app - This role is filled
    • Scheduling - This role is filled
  • Uniforms & Gear
    • We expect our fall jerseys to come in this week, before Saturday’s game in Newtown. Please ensure to pick up a pair of all black softball pants. Socks can be all black, or nearly all black ideally. Fall is relaxed, as such we will not be sticklers for this right now.
    • Our full Spring/Summer uniforms will be ordered during late fall. More details around what is included in the final 2019-20 team fee later in this email.
  • Training & Development
    • Fall will be focused on team and player development. Keep in mind, the scoreboard is not the only way to measure success during this time of year. 
    • The team will have access to winter training including pitcher/catcher clinics, winter team practices, as well as speed/conditioning classes. More details around what is included in the final 2019-20 team fee later in this email.
  • Player Fee Package and obligation / team fee for 2019-20 Season
    • $2,300 (minus the paid deposit)
    • Includes:
      • Professional Head Coach and Assistant Coach
      • Fall Season
        • 2 weekly practices (outdoors)
        • 2 Tournaments @ Fast Pitch Nation Park (FPN Park)
        • 5-8 Local (Fairfield county mostly) games
        • Game/Practice Jersey
      • Winter
        • Strength & Conditioning classes held at Fitness Together in Darien
          • This is still being finalized, but it’s looking like twice weekly classes which will start in early December and continue through March
        • Pitching Clinics held at the NCHS Field House / Aux Gym running from early Jan through March
        • Catching Clinics held at the NCHS Field House / Aux Gym running from early Jan through March
        • Team practices held at the NCHS Field House / Aux Gym running from mid-Jan through April
      • Spring / Summer
        • 8-10 Tournaments (TBD)
          • The CT Rams are a tournament team, as such, our focus will be preparing to and playing in many tournaments
          • Many will be at FPN Park, some will be a further distance away. FPN Park is drivable, although for some it may be preferable to stay overnight (to be discussed later in the year)
          • We will announce the tournament plans as early as we can to help with planning purposes
        • 3 Practices per week held at either Orchard and Water Tower fields in New Canaan
        • Uniform & Gear
          • Full uniform including
            • Sleeveless jersey, short sleeve compression undershirt, pants, socks, belt, headband
          • Helmet & Facemask
          • Bat/Equipment Bag
        • Blast Motion Sensor & premium subscription service
          • Provides coaches and athletes with direct access to the most accurate swing metrics available to help your players build a better all-around swing
          • Industry’s most accurate motion sensor, combined with an integrated suite of software analysis, coaching, communication and management tools that enable the daily drive to improve and the data needed to target the areas needed to focus on.
  • Fundraising Efforts – IMPORTANT
    • We have a ton of good things planned for the CT Rams this season. As such, the player season fee does not fully cover this team’s expenses. On a player income basis, we are and will operate in the red. In order to close this gap, we will be relying on each and every one of you to help us raise funds to cover the costs.
      • There are many ways to help including:
        • Participating and encouraging friends/family to donate during fundraisers (more on those below)
        • Finding additional sponsors for our team
          • We currently have one
      • Fundraisers
        • Guest Bartender Afternoon
          • Where: South End
          • When: Sunday October 13th, 1pm
          • Come watch football, have a drink or 2 and watch various travel softball coaches and assistants make drinks for everyone
          • This was a hugely successful and very fun event last year
        • Superbowl & March Madness Boxes
          • Support our team by getting as many friends as possible to buy a box (or a few)

The balance of the CT Rams season fee will be due by December 1, 2019. If you are interested in spreading the payments out, that is not a problem, please reach out to me directly to discuss options. Checks can be made out to New Canaan Travel Softball and mailed to our Travel Treasurer Rob Panagrossi at:
37 Lincoln Drive
New Canaan, CT 06840
or via Venmo: @Robert-Panagrossi

We will also be sending over a player-parent agreement which will need to be signed and returned to me within 7 days of receiving the agreement. Including in this agreement are expectations of the player for each season as well as what we expect out of our parents including sideline etiquette and responsibilities.

Again, we are very much looking forward to the upcoming seasons and watching our girls develop as Softball players, athletes and people.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

All the Best,

Nick DiMuzio along with the CT Rams Coaches Rita and Kara



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Practice Tomorrow - Update
by posted 09/10/2019

Hi parents - Rita and Kara would like the pitchers and catchers to stay an extra 15 minutes tomorrow night if possible (9pm pickup). 

Let me know via email if there is an issue. We will try to adjust as we move ahead if we can accomidate an earlier time.



Nick and CT Rams Elite Coaches

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Fall Season - Details
by posted 09/02/2019

Hello CT Rams Parents! My name is Nick DiMuzio (I am aware most of you know my very well by now, but I figured I should be formal), I am assisting Rita and Kara in managing the CT Rams from a logistical and planning standpoint. I will be sending notifications, helping coordinate things and helping answer off the field questions for the team. My goal is to allow Rita and Kara to focus on the girls, the team, player development and putting a successful team on the field.


We plan to hold at least 2 practices per week (sometimes 3 if there are no games scheduled). Field space will be an issue in fall for various reasons, so as of now our locked in practice time will be Wednesday evenings from 6:15pm – 8:15pm. This week we also have the field from 6pm – 7:30pm on Tuesday (tomorrow, 9/3). We are working on securing an additional night and then will add in other extra practices as the coaches see fit.


We will have games scheduled (many will be double-headers) throughout the Fall season, although early on the focus will be practice. Stay tuned for games to be added to the schedule.

Scheduling & Conflicts

We do realize (and encourage) the girls to play other sports during the fall season, and as such we understand there will be conflicts. If you could each send me your daughter’s sports schedule for her other team(s) during the fall, that would be greatly appreciated.

We are planning 2 tournaments this fall:

October 19-20 – USSSA Spooktacular @ Fast Pitch Nation Park (FPN Park) in Windsor, CT
November 2-3 – USSSA Fall Finale @ Fast Pitch Nation Park (FPN Park) in Windsor, CT

Although while not mandatory during the fall season, we are hoping that your daughter is able to break away and attend these events. If she can’t, it’s okay… but please let us know ASAP by replying to this email.

Schedule Management and Game Scoring Apps:

I highly suggest you download and use the ‘Sports Signup Play App’. This app is directly connected to our live schedule, and RSVP system. To use the app, login using your New Canaan Softball login details (you may need to log in and out and back in to get the new team to show up):

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

While the Sports Signup Play App is what we are recommending for now, we are also testing the team management capabilities of another app called “Team Manager”. ‘Team Manager’ is the soon to be replacement for ‘GameChanger’. I plan on working with our team scorers to test the ‘GameChanger’ replacement, as such you should expect to receive an invite to that app once I finish setting the team up. You can download ‘Team Manager’ here:

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

Uniforms (and practice attire)

We will be ordering basic jerseys to be used for both practices and games during the fall. Please send me your daughters shirt/jersey size no later then Thursday September 5th (youth S-L, ladies S-L). We need the girls to wear plain black softball pants for the fall season.. if you do not have them, please pick a pair up this week.

We will be ordering full uniforms for the Spring/Summer this winter and will be in touch later in the fall to get the ball rolling on those.

For practices until the fall jerseys are in, please wear any athletic fitting top along with softball pants.

As we move into the fall, we will be reaching out looking for parent volunteers for a variety of roles for the CT Rams. 

There will be additional information coming your way in the near future, for now I wanted to get the above to you before we start practices.

Just to recap action items:

  • Send Shirt / Jersey Sizing
  • Ensure you have black softball pants, or pick a pair up ASAP
  • Practice this week Tuesday / Wednesday
  • Send other sport(s) fall schedule
  • (2) Tournament dates, check other sports schedule, let me know if you can attend

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Nick DiMuzio (on behalf of the CT Rams, Rita and Kara)



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